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You are using Version 3.2 of the Ci Zone interactive career coaching software, April 2015. In The Law Society this is known as 'MyCareerCompanion'. This new confidential space is for members to plan how you want to grow as a professional. This suite of free online resources will help you to navigate your future working life. The Law Society are trialling this zone for a limited period to see whether our members value the resources and guidance available. We will be seeking feedback from you on what you liked and would find helpful in the future. This site has been created and evolved since 1999 by The Career Innovation Company (Ci), with thanks to many team members and partners, including those listed below.

How does the site work?

The tools and resources on this site are designed to work with you as a professional coach would do. We help you identify changes you wish to make to your work and career, strengthen your confidence in what you have to offer, explore options, take action to try new things, and reflect on the results. This cycle is a practical and creative way to achieve 'career innovation' for yourself. We will not tell you what you should do, or match you to particular roles, which rarely works. Instead we help you explore for yourself, and we encourage and support you to talk with friends, colleagues, managers or mentors who know you well, and who know the subtle details of the areas in which you work.

What is it based on, and who designed it?

In 1999 Ci carried out a large-scale study of young managers and professionals around the world. The study was supported by well-known employers including UBS, Capgemini, PwC, GlaxoSmithKline, Marriott International and numerous business schools around the world. The resulting report, 'Riding the Wave' (by Jonathan Winter and Charles Jackson), helped shape new employment practices and identified the need for online career support. Drawing on this research, the original Ci Zone was then developed in 1999-2000 by a team including Heidi Viljamaa (CareerStorm) and David Gibbison.

What's new?

Version 2.0 of the CiZone, released in 2012, takes advantage of tagging, keyword searching and content management technology to create a more personalised and flexible platform for career support than ever before. Original Ci tools have been retained and updated, new tools are being added all the time, and organisations that deploy the site for their employees or members can blend their own resources with the Ci interactive coaching tools to support users in new work situations as they emerge. In 2014 version 3.0 was released, enabling users to create a career plan and record their professional development.

Thanks are particularly due to Rob Burdon and the technical team at Elysium for their dedicated work on the latest version of CiZone.

About Ci

The Career Innovation Company (Ci) is a centre of expertise in the future of work and careers, working with large and fast-growth companies and professional groups, to create inspiring workplaces in which people can thrive and grow. Our approach has been developed through more than 20 research studies and 40 innovation events, in partnership with some of the world's best-known employers.

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